FCKNLZ - We Specialize in Mistakes

In celebration of Club Kid Herstory Month, FCKNLZ will engage in a six week theater project at the Museum of Arts and Design. The collective will examine the legacy of ‘90’s club kids by recreating their legendary appreances on TV talk shows. A series of five workshops culminates in a live performance of “FCKNLZ on Broadway.” The adaptation will be part revivalist performance, part forward-facing analysis. Be part of the live studio audience! Come dressed as your favorite club kid or invent your own! A panel of celebrity guest judges will award jaw-breaking prizes of all sizes to the evening’s best dressed.

All events are open to the public

Sunday, October 7th, 12-6pm - Auditions, including screen tests and other quizzes
Saturday, October 20th, 12-6pm - Read through, improve games, group shoplifting, team building exercises
Saturday, October 27th, 12-6pm - Rehearsal 01
Saturday, November 3rd, 12-6pm - Rehearsal 02
Saturday, November 10th, 12-6pm - Rehearsal 03

Saturday, November 17th, 8-10pm - “FCKNLZ on Broadway” Live Performance with Special Guests