The “Doppelgänger Project” was produced in 2011 during a ten week residency with Recess Activities Inc., and is part of a larger project “The Family Creative” by FCKNLZ.

The Family Creative Workshop is a twenty three volume encyclopedia of projects ranging from “Vinegars to Winter Sculpture” (Volume 22) to “Square Dancing to Sugar Shapes” (Volume 18). Published in the mid-Seventies, Family Creative is more than just a compendium of craft projects, it’s a way of life. An exhaustive collection of possible projects renders the world around us as an environment which can be fabricated from the ground up: wayfinding to cat cabanas, topiary and bookbinding, chair caning and Japanese tea ceremonies. Using images from The Family Creative Workshop, The "Doppelganger Project" transformed participants into found images using found objects and materials. Click on the original image to your right to view FCKNLZ’ doppelganger. /